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About Service

Traders can get Highest return on your investement / Trading capital daily.

You will get only 1 - 3 tips / Premium calls daily .

* Maximum two positions may remain open at a single time

* We are consistantly getting highest accuracy in this plan .

( No one can give you the tips like us) Guarnteed ! Strategy of “ More Profit & Less Trade"

*100% Live Market Calls - No Pre- Market calls.

* Minimum Capital Required = 3 lakh

*Calls will be given by Sms and Whatsapp both ( you will get the sms for entry point, 3 targets , modify stoploss point, and finally book full profit point)

You will get 100% satisfactions from our Jackpot tips / sure shot calls in just first day

*You will get our tips well before the time , some time 5 min to 10 min time ago from the trigger point

*Our motive is to capture the Best profits as soon as possible before others, whether it is a small profits or a Big profits, but it should be profits only (not the loss)

*It may be possible that some day you will not get any tip .It will be only on the day of volatality, we dont give tips if we will see that there is a chance to hit the stoploss. But this day will be adjusted to your account .

** We will give you 3 targets in all the calls

Remember :

We do not give the tips like others

For Example : Buy ACC only above 805 ST 796 T 815 and 830

You get the call when it is on their first target of 815 , and after some time you get the massage to book partial profits on 810, how can you book ? when you just get the sms when it is on 815. So they are making fool to innocent people, this is pure waste,

You will get our tips well before the time , Approx 5 min to 10 min time ago from the trigger point

We do not give waste tips like other advisor gives, they give you many tips for example 10 tips in a day, and only 5 give you profits and 5 give you loss, and at the end of the day, they always say that you are in the net profits, just ask one question to them, how you can do the trading in many scrip at one time, it is impossible, and it is for making fool to innocent or you can say the new freshers of share market .

If we will give you 10 tips (suppose) and you take only 3 tips, and forget the other tips, then also you will be in the profits, that is the main difference between us and others, so if you have huge trading capital , you can diversify your money, other wise just trade any of our call, all calls will be sure shot only. you will get the profits if you will just trade only 3 tip also.

* We will give you updates for every thing, for modify stoploss,target for 50% profit booking,and target for 100% profits booking in cash market .

Payment Options

1) Select the Package from the given comparative chart

2.)Pay the required amount by any following payment method :

b. Debit cards of all the Indian Banks
c. NET BANKING by every bank of India . Just click on pay now you can pay us easily within 2 minutes
d. ITZ cash card ,mobile payment , just click on pay now you can pay us easily within 2 minutes.
e. We accept payment through cheque also , you can drop cheque in our acount holder banks ,
(remember payment by DEBIT CARD and NET BANKING , FUND TRANSFER will give you instant activation,and your account will start working from the same day so enjoy by paying online.

Fill up the Activation Form after payment (it does not mean how you pay, but you must have to fill up this form to activate your account

15 Days = Rs .15,000/-
1 Month = Rs. 25,000/-
2 Months = Rs. 40,000/-

Offer of the Month :
Pay for subscription with our Offer , you will get :
1. Basic trading strategies.
2. Advance day trading strategies.
3. Money management techniques.
4. Order strategies.
5. Nifty FII Level trading strategy.


1. Select the plan
2. Make the payment
3. Fill up the Activation form
You will get Instant Order confirmation with reciept.
4. You will get User ID and Password
5. Then You can Download our Money Management Software
You will have permission to access our secure server pages to learn our DAY TRADING STRATEGIES

Subscription Fee

15 Days = Rs .15,000/-

1 Month = Rs. 25,000/-

2 Months = Rs. 40,000/-

Offer of the Month :

Subscribe this Plan and get the following :

1. Basic Trading strategies.
2. Advance Day Trading Strategies.
3. Money Management Techniques.
4. Order Strategies.
5. Nifty FII Level Trading Strategy.

  • 15 Days

  • Rs. 15,000/-
  • ---
  • + Day Trading Strategies
  • 2 Months

  • Rs. 40,000/-
  • ---
  • + Day Trading Strategies

98 % Accurate Tips

We Provide You 98% Accurate Share Market Tips and 100% Live Market Calls. With Our Tips You Will Get More Profit in Very Short Time.

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Money Management

We provide online training to our Jackpot clients , You will learn with the help of TECHNICAL CHARTS , Video , so that you will trade like a professional trader .

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Professional Support

We Will Gives You Professional Support. Professional traders always trade with high volume without any fear because they use the Advance Day Trading strategies.

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Terms & Conditions:

# Subscription period starts from the date when first call is given .
# Recommendations will be sent to your Mobile number and Yahoo messenger both
# No refund of Payment allowed.
# All decisions of buying & selling are at the sole discretion of the subscriber.
# The recommendations are based on Technical, Indicators, etc methods which change as the markets are dynamic and we are not liable for any loss that could occur as a result of our recommendations.
# There is no guarantee of the profits , The result shown in the website is just depend on past performance
# Do not trade in our calls without Proper Risk Profiling by our Investment Adviser.

If You have any Question About Our Services So Contact Us Today!

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